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Church Family Weekend

Church Family Weekend 14th - 16th September 2018

September once again saw the Church Family Weekend take place. We revisited Willerseley Castle nr. Matlock Bath in Derbyshire

Over 50 of our number stayed at the Castle over the weekend, where we studied the subject of Worship in some detail. Our minister Rob Hilton led us in sessions where we looked at why we should worship God, and when we should worship Him. We also held a number of workshops looking at different ways of worshipping God over and above our normal Sunday activities within Church buildings.

The weekend was very stimulating and also a time of relaxation as we shared the facilities of the Castle together and enjoyed fellowship over the entire weekend.

Food for thought

The weekend was led by our minister,
Rev'd Rob Hilton

We held a number of workshops during the course of the weekend, looking at different forms of worship and how we could apply these at Wesley Place

Worshipping God through art and craft activities

Worshipping God through music and singing

Worshipping God through meditation

Worshipping God by using a Labyrinth

Worshipping God through fellowship as we ate our meals together

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