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Summer Holiday Club

The theme of our Summer Holiday Club was "Transforming The World"

We were challenged to build a machine that would change the world and make it a better place.
This is how we did it!!

The Wesley Place Summer Holiday Club Transformation Machine

We learned what transformation means by baking bread. This turns flour and water into something that is nice to eat.

Can we transform the world into a nicer place?

We learned that if we follow Jesus, then this can transform us into better people.

We played the game of "Shark Attack" where we encountered perils while crossing the "sea"

The disciples of Jesus encountered storms while crossing the Sea of Galilee, and had to learn to trust Jesus..

We built our own boats to remind
us of this story

We mde our own journeys across the "Sea of Galilee" to experience trusting God during the journey

We also encountered storms on our journey... and other perils, but we learned that we could overcome then by trust, and so be transformed.

On Day 3, we learned the power of God who can make things whole. We built structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Although spaghetti breaks easily, you can build complex structures by combining the strands.

The most important thing we learned in our Club was that the love of God transforms us. We heard the story of the first Easter, and built Easter gardens

But the Easter Story did not end with Jesus buried in a tomb. He came back from the dead, and can still be our friend if we follow and trust him and experience his power. We built volcanos to remind us of the power of God bringing Jesus back to life.

We had a great time and learned a lot about how Jesus can make us better people

To see a video of what we did during this year's summer holiday club, click here